economic development

Montezuma County must explore and actively pursue diverse ways for folks to make a successful living here.  Possibilities include:

  • expanding markets for farmers and ranchers, including agri-tourism
  • securing broadband access
  • promoting recreational opportunities
  • building solar farms
  • pursuing timber and hemp production
  • supporting oil and gas development
  • promoting home-based businesses

Farming and Ranching

Montezuma County has a proud agricultural heritage and we remain a producer of high-quality crops, beef and other meats.  We can take pride in reviving the Montezuma Valley Brand for commodity and specialty crops, heritage fruits and grains, beans and meat.  I see a variety of opportunities for farmers and ranchers to strengthen their operations and a future where family farms continue to be the backbone of our community.

Health and Well Being

I am passionate about the well-being of the people in our county. I want this to be a place where children are cherished, education is strong, families have safe housing and enough food, and our most vulnerable folks are protected. I support existing youth programs and finding new ways to serve our youth.

Our Board of Commissioners can take a leadership role by learning about the services of nonprofits, identifying gaps in the safety net, and supporting beneficial services through grants and other resources.


Water is our most precious natural resource. The county can participate in local, regional and state efforts to wisely steward and protect our water. One way to do this is to manage our forested land; a healthy forest will help preserve water quality and availability. It is imperative that we protect our reservoirs from the invasive zebra and quagga mussels so that water is available for agriculture and other uses.

Land Use

Montezuma County residents deeply value the land we call home.  I believe in multiple use of public lands, and that public lands belong to all of us.   Our citizens deserve a county government that makes a sincere effort to work with public land agencies so that their policies work for us.  

Private land and property rights are fundamental to our rural way of life.  That said,  Montezuma County’s Land Use Plan and Code are 20 years old.  As our population continues to grow it is our responsibility to guide that growth wisely with an updated land use plan that protects our rural way of life.

  • MB is highly qualified and will bring honesty, integrity, and fiscal responsibility to the BOCC.

    Randy McKnight
  • Mary Beth will listen to my concerns and act. She will get my vote.

    Peter Robinson
  • We can count ourselves lucky that someone of her caliber, intelligence and integrity

    is running for County Commissioner. You have my vote MB.

    Sarah Syverson
  • This is one office that party affiliation should not matter. What matters is our county and the good of its people. MB is highly qualified, she listens and has the history in this area to make a great commissioner for all of us. She will definitely have my vote and I hope everyone will be open to hear what she says and will do.

    Barbara Grist
  • MB is the kind of leader to support & put these visions into action. Go MB.

    Lisa Henry
  • I am hoping you will get elected and I am hoping you will be a better steward to

    beavers, bighorn sheep, sage grouse, leopard frogs and on and on…..”

    Marilyn Colyer
  • MB, you are the breath of fresh air that MOCO needs!

    Jane Anderson
  • Was cool to see you there building an inclusive vision for all of Montezuma County, MB!” (At Ute Mountain Career Day)

    Melissa Watters
  • If you have ever been to a County Commissioners' meeting and listened to MB McAfee, you would not dismiss her as a 'bleeding heart liberal'. She is tough, well informed, and cares greatly for the Cortez County area. I have interacted with her on business matters when she ran the Day Labor Program. I found that she is a very sharp business woman. She will get my vote.

    Sandra Harris
  • I have so much respect for that decision (to run for county commissioner). We need smart, strong women of integrity at every single level of government.

    Jana Richman

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