#SIGNUP4MB! (Get your sign up in support of MB!)

It’s a big deal to put my campaign sign in your yard or at the corner of your road or at your place of business.  This signals commitment and support of my bid for County Commissioner.  

Gosh, when I drive past places where I see my sign I am really honored.  And I smile!

There are some good stories that go along with putting up the Big Signs that are mostly out in the county.  My husband, Chuck, led the BS (Big Sign) Team. This was no small feat as we had to identify places where signs would be seen, we had to contact land or business owners.  We rounded up lots of old t-posts and bought new ones. (And then our efforts include stories of how hard and dry the earth was for pounding in posts!)

I am still kind of stunned to see my name in such big letters.

We introduced our yard signs with our Sign Up! Weekend in June when we spent one afternoon in Mancos, Cortez, and Dolores.  Thanks to good advertisement, we gave over 100 signs to people in one day.  Thanks to everybody who got signs then.  

It’s not always easy to be open and public about showing support for a candidate.  So it’s pretty terrific to see signs in yards, on fences, on posts. It’s also really sad to know some have disappeared. Yet, folks wanted their signs replaced, which is reassuring.  

Signs for MB McAfee For Commissioner indicate support for a I am the clear choice for a  new voice on our Board of County Commissioners!

To make signs convenient for people to get we have a stash of them at The People’s Place at 215 E. Main Street, just east of Ash Street. (The People’s Place is generally open Tuesday – Saturday from 10 AM – 6 PM) You can always walk in and get a sign!

I also keep a bunch of signs in my car so that when I’m out and about talking, I can give people signs who ask for them.  Let me know if you want a sign – mbmcafee@fone.net.

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