Young People

Young people have been on my mind lately. I was so inspired to witness the strength and maturity of the student leaders in Parkland, Florida after the devastating school shooting on February 14th. I was equally inspired by the contingency of student leaders from Montezuma County who showed up for the March For Our Lives gathering one month later. These brave students stood for the America they desire to see and they looked to the adults who run this country to stand beside them in creating that vision.
I want to be a voice that helps Montezuma County to support the next generation in building a county and a country that they can be proud of. Let’s make this a county that they are invested in, and that they will care for as they grow into adulthood. Montezuma County is proud of the strength and tenacity displayed by the young folks here. We are proud of their skills in the rodeo arena and the many events at the County Fair. We are proud of their tenacity and brilliance in the arts and sciences and proud of them when they step forward and begin to grow and assert their leadership skills. We are proud of our young people for caring for the things that make Montezuma County special.

I believe in these young people, as I believe in all people. It is our goal to engage the younger vote as we move forward! If you have people between the ages of 18-25 in your lives and they have ideas of how to do this well, please get them in touch with me!  I am working with other youth in the area and hope to create a powerful message of empowerment, accessibility and engagement with the democratic system in the weeks to come.

Thank you for your ongoing support as my campaign continues to gather momentum during these final months!

– MB

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