People Matter

I want to meet people where they are.  So I am going to be out walking, knocking and talking to folks.

I am going to be where there are public gatherings like Mancos Days, Escalante Days in Dolores, the county fair and more.  I am going to hang out at places where I can visit with people like the Dolores Market, The Farm Bistro in Cortez, and Fenceline Cider in Mancos.  Campaigning doesn’t mean that I don’t do regular things like shop at City Market or WalMart. The point is I will make lots of effort to meet and visit with Montezuma County residents.

“What’s on your mind?”

That will be my main question.  

As County Commissioner, I want to represent all the people in our county.  

It’s so important for me to listen to what everyone has to say. Some conversations are arranged like a bunch of house parties that people are generously going to host. And I’ll have various events like Coffee with the Candidate at various places in our county.  I WANT TO MEET YOU; I want to know your names.  You matter, as individuals, as families, as businesses, and service clubs, as nonprofits.  It’s the spirit of the people in this place that has pinned stars to this corner of the state.  We pride ourselves on personal freedom and independence and at the same time we pride ourselves as we work together for a strong community.  

For me, people matter.

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