On the Idea of Being A Woman

A couple of weeks ago, I was featured in the newsletter of Emerge Colorado, an organization dedicated to helping women run for public office.

I made this EMERGE newsletter!
Thanks to work of so many people. – MB

After sharing this newsletter with some of my friends, I received an email asking:

“How will sharing this inspire people on the fence or more conservative voters, and perhaps even men, to vote for MB? 

Is being a woman part of MB’s campaign message?”

I think this an important question to consider and one that many people will wonder about my campaign for County Commissioner.

I want to be very clear about my stance on this issue: I am proud to be a woman, but I am not running because I am a woman.

I shared the Emerge newsletter because I am proud of the fact that our campaign was recognized.

Emerge is about empowering women. My campaign is about empowering our community; It is about a new voice in county government that speaks for the demographic of people within Montezuma County who do not currently feel represented.

This campaign is about recognizing and acting on the values of civility, openness, respect, cooperation, inclusiveness at the county commissioner level of local government.

  • It is about bold leadership;
  • It is about a working with many people to create a shared vision for our county;
  • It is about leveraging the talents and strengths of our Montezuma County residents to develop strategies for achieving a common vision for the future.

I am not running for office because I am a woman.

I am a woman who is running for office.

 I am proud to have the opportunity to serve my community in this way,

And I am proud to be a woman.

Click here to learn more about Emerge CO and Emerge National

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