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– Protect water quality
– Preserve water uses

– Expand benefits of outdoor recreation
– Enhance infrastructure attractive to business and industry

– Advocate for private property rights
– Promote community responsibility

– Encourage innovative agricultural practices
– Respect our rural lifestyle

– Keep public lands in public hands
– Include all stakeholders

– Increase high quality early childhood programs
– Assist local agencies to support community wellness


I am running for County Commissioner because I sincerely love this place. I grew up here and I feel a personal responsibility to serve our community.   

My vision for Montezuma County is one where hard-working and resilient people prosper, live and play.  I see a place where we watch out for one another.  Like many, I treasure our rural way of life, one founded on personal freedom and community responsibility.  I see a diverse and balanced economy that protects land and water; and I will work to sustain our quality of life with transparency and civility.

For the last three years I have regularly attended Commissioner meetings and have gained a solid understanding of the job.  I am experienced in managing budgets and delivering results with limited resources.  As Commissioner I will evaluate county services to ensure we meet people’s needs in a cost-effective manner.




  • Ballots will be mailed in mid October (between October. 15th and the 19th).
  • Ballots must be returned by 7 pm on November 6th.
  • There will be ballot boxes in Mancos, and Dolores at the Libraries from 7am-7pm

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“Hope is not a feeling.
It is not the belief that
Things will turn out well,
But the conviction that
What we are doing makes sense,
No matter how things turn out.”
~Vaclav Havel

Havel was the tenth and last president of Czechoslovakia and the first president of the Czech Republic.

This is what I'm feeling today.
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5 days ago


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No matter what happens - you have made a difference and the community is better for your effort. Thank you MB.

Thank you for running and the class you showed in your campaign. Please take care as I expect you to win in two years... hugs my friend

You did make a difference, now people are talking and hopefully listening!!!

Hi MB, I just wanted to tell you that I’m disappointed that the county didn’t see their way to vote you in. I read it was very close, and I want you to know that you are such an inspiration to me. You truly embody the goodness in the human experience. You are a leader and I’m so lucky to know you. I think Montezuma County (and the world) needs more people like you. I sincerely want you to know that while you may not have achieved your end goal, you did make a difference. You met people and changed minds. You got out there and told your stories and you shared ideas that open minds. Thank you for doing that, at great expense to yourself. You’ve enriched that beautiful place which I still think of as my home. Much love to you and I’m proud to call you my friend.

It was so close. You ran an amazing campaign, and put a model out there of what a candidate can be in that part of the world/state. Rest up and hope you have the interest and energy to continue to be a part of it all!!

You rock MB!

I am so impressed by the great effort you made, the quality campaign you ran, the sheer number of signs you distributed to those of us who proudly displayed them. I look forward to the next time MB McAfee -- keep us all posted.

You are amazing MB!

Thank you so much for being a beacon in the wilderness You are so appreciated, and you fought a good fight. 🥰

Thank you MB--Your integrity, intelligence, and stamina are just what we need. I really appreciate all that you have done for this County!

Thank you MB. You are truly amazing.

You rock

MB McAfee your campaign opened up the county to conversations, topics, and voices that have not had equal if any part of the public discourse until now. So that in itself is a victory! Thank you for putting yourself out there on our behalf.

“what we are doing makes sense”. Yes. You make a lot of sense! Thank you so much for standing up for what you believe in and in doing so being an inspiration for many. Blessings.

You are an inspiration

Thank you for your efforts for our county. I’m deeply sorry and surprised that you did not win but considering where we are the numbers were stunning! You did well, fought the good fight and always with dignity. Thank you. You are appreciated.

Thank you MB

Thank you MB

You are so good! I think we are on the path!

So appreciate your intelligence, energy and bravery. Not Giving Up.

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On this important Election Day I've revisited the vision statements so many of you shared on my website last January. I know I've posted this word cloud on Community before - and I think it's fitting to post it here again today. I am so inspired by and proud of our community - as we all should be. Thank you! ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

On this important Election Day Ive revisited the vision statements so many of you shared on my website last January. I know Ive posted this word cloud on Community before - and I think its fitting to post it here again today. I am so inspired by and proud of our community - as we all should be. Thank you!


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Godspeed, MB! Our future depends on it!

Thank you for bringing your intelligence, passion and integrity to this race! You are amazing!

Thank you & your team.

Sending my hope and gratitude!!!

Sooooooooo close! You and your team ran such a strong campaign MB McAfee. The turn out was incredible thanks to your tireless energy! My heart is heavy with you and your campaign today and days to come...

The light you bring and have brought for years to the political scene in our county is invaluable and can never be discounted in any way. Thank you for years of brillant participation and inspiration for us all. So we grieve the loss of you in office, and we celebrate YOU and what you have meant, do mean and will continue to mean to the life of our society here. Thank you with all my heart.

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Today is the day folks!!! Vote, vote, vote, VOTE!🇺🇸
#mbforcommissioner #cando #votemb
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6 days ago

Today is the day folks!!!  Vote, vote, vote, VOTE!🇺🇸
#mbforcommissioner #cando #votemb


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Best of luck today! You are the right person at the right time so I hope demographics and all the hard work will get you elected.

With deep gratitude for your integrity, positivity and commitment, I'm excited and proud to vote for you! Thank you (and your team and all the volunteers) for all your hard work!

You got my vote MB! I know you would work hard for ALL people in MC.

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1 week ago

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  • MB is highly qualified and will bring honesty, integrity, and fiscal responsibility to the BOCC.

    Randy McKnight
  • Mary Beth will listen to my concerns and act. She will get my vote.

    Peter Robinson
  • We can count ourselves lucky that someone of her caliber, intelligence and integrity

    is running for County Commissioner. You have my vote MB.

    Sarah Syverson
  • This is one office that party affiliation should not matter. What matters is our county and the good of its people. MB is highly qualified, she listens and has the history in this area to make a great commissioner for all of us. She will definitely have my vote and I hope everyone will be open to hear what she says and will do.

    Barbara Grist
  • MB is the kind of leader to support & put these visions into action. Go MB.

    Lisa Henry
  • I am hoping you will get elected and I am hoping you will be a better steward to

    beavers, bighorn sheep, sage grouse, leopard frogs and on and on…..”

    Marilyn Colyer
  • MB, you are the breath of fresh air that MOCO needs!

    Jane Anderson
  • Was cool to see you there building an inclusive vision for all of Montezuma County, MB!” (At Ute Mountain Career Day)

    Melissa Watters
  • If you have ever been to a County Commissioners' meeting and listened to MB McAfee, you would not dismiss her as a 'bleeding heart liberal'. She is tough, well informed, and cares greatly for the Cortez County area. I have interacted with her on business matters when she ran the Day Labor Program. I found that she is a very sharp business woman. She will get my vote.

    Sandra Harris
  • I have so much respect for that decision (to run for county commissioner). We need smart, strong women of integrity at every single level of government.

    Jana Richman

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